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As your trusted real estate business, we provide a simple online search to help you find commercial properties of interest.

Why Property Masters Remains the Leading Property Management Business in Rhode Island

Servicing Pawtucket, RI Woonsocket, RI, and Providence, we deliver value, integrity and incredible returns only your trusted real estate providers can deliver. For the best results, contact us and start your dream property management solutions today. 

No matter what the markets are doing, we are here to provide exceptional real estate strategies and methods needed for both short and long term maintenance. We understand your property is your income and your investment. Our role is to ensure that the standard of your real estate is thoroughly maintained in all conditions. 

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The Affordable Property Management Company

Property Masters is your trusted property management company helping you with professional property services including marketing, general maintenance, managing tenants, and administrative matters. Founded by the esteemed Gary Manning in 2009, the company has gone on to deliver unparalleled services in the property market. From investors to landlords, we are here to make a difference in the way properties are managed. With our long list of impressed customers, we can truly make a difference in your investment property. 

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We are available for property owners 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Combining technology with our expertise, you can reach us online with fast response times and professionalism that is unmatched. 


At Property Masters we are real estate professionals who are masters at our craft. With years of experience and our vast knowledge, we provide every client the keys or the incredible secrets to success in the real estate industry. We know how to manage tenants, how to market your property and what you need to achieve exceptional results. 


We provide complete property solutions whether you are a small estate owner or a large property investor. Our maintenance services include the handling of leasing, affordable property maintenance, and the leveraging of the very best real estate solutions you can take advantage of.